‘Youth should alert authorities on injured wildlife, trafficking’

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YOUTH should immediately report any cases of injured wildlife or animal trafficking to the Wildlife Division and the Biodiversity and Natural History Society (BruWILD), said BruWILD’s vice president.

“By reporting (these things) to the relevant authorities first, then (the Wildlife Division and BruWILD) can find out the best methods to treat the injured animals or stop the trafficking,” said Fahim Ibrahim, who is also the head of BruWILD’s botanical division.

He said youth shouldn’t handle these cases by themselves but seek assistance from the authorities to ensure proper care of the animals.

Fahim said youth can also take small steps at home to ensure the conservation of animals and their surroundings.

“In their own neighbourhood, youth can observe and find out if there are any (wild) animals around.”

Regardless if there are many animals or not, Fahim said youth must make sure to protect and preserve their neighbourhood by not conducting any activities that might pollute the area such as open burning.

He said engaging in such activities will not only pollute the environment but scare away the animals from their habitats.

Fahim said youth should also join organisations like BruWILD and Green Brunei as platforms to showcase their talents while sharpening their skills and knowledge.

He said BruWILD has a lot of experience protecting animals and preserving flora and fauna.

“So if youth are passionate about preserving plants and wildlife, we will help you achieve any related goals.

“I think that especially now since the younger generation is so talented and knowledgeable, they should approach any NGOs they’re interested in to develop their skills.”

To report any cases, the public can reach BruWILD’s hotline at 7127379 or the Wildlife Division at 7216533.

The Brunei Times