Stray dog caught in loading area behind Belait supermarket

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SOON Lee supermarket in Kg Pandan caught a stray dog found lounging at the loading area outside their store on Wednesday night, but both the supermarket and the religious affairs office maintain there is no evidence yet about canines entering the store’s meat and poultry section.

Viral complaints surfaced on social media earlier this week alleging that staff working at the meat and poultry preparation section had touched and allowed dogs into the store, with pictures uploaded showing a dog walking and lounging outside the store’s premises.

The store supervisor pointed out that the pictures uploaded only showed the dog outside the store at the unloading section, noting that there was no visual evidence proving the dog had entered the store itself. Religious authorities who visited on Tuesday and Wednesday didn’t find any evidence of dogs entering the store as well.

“We caught the stray, as we were acting on public complaints,” said the supervisor, who declined to be named.

“But the dog never entered the store and was only at the back area of the store where goods are unloaded.”

She said the stray was brought to an area “far away” from the public and released.

Staff from Belait’s Religious Affairs Office and Muslim staff from the store carried out cleansing activities on Thursday at the unloading area in accordance with Islamic principles, said the Head Religious Officer of Belait, Hj Asminan Chuchu.

The establishment was also advised by the authorities to keep their unloading area clean.

The Brunei Times