Scores of dying fish found in Kuala Balai

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A LARGE number of dying fish were spotted along a dried up stream in a forest in Kuala Balai last week by a Seria resident who was trekking in the area with a group.

Mujibur Rahman, who went trekking in the forest last weekend with four friends, said he spotted the unusual sight a few hundred metres into the forest.

“The water was clearly drying out. There were a lot of fish — possibly hundreds of them — flopping around, struggling. It was the first time I’ve seen something like it,” he said.

He believes that the muddy pool he found the fish in is connected to the main Sg Belait stream which connects to Kuala Belait.

“The tide must have been low and the fish may not have made it out in time to the main river,” he said.

The area his group of friends went trekking in is before the final jetty in Mukim Kuala Balai, where visitors can access Sg Belait by boat.

The issue has been referred to the Fisheries Department, but they didn’t comment when contacted yesterday.

Kuala Balai is one of Belait’s eight Mukims, located south of Kuala Belait and Seria, with Mukim Labi to its east. Access is 20 to 30 minutes by road from the Mumong bypass and close to an hour by speedboat from Kuala Belait’s waterfront.

Once a known production site for sago in the 1970s, the Mukim is also credited historically as being one of the original settling points for the Puak Belait. It is now overseen by the Village Consultative Council of Mumong due to its dwindling population.

The Brunei Times