Youth tackle unemployment issues

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EXTENSIVE collaboration between the government, industry and the community is needed to ensure the alleviation of labour market mismatch to address national youth unemployment issues,

This was suggested by Nur Atiqah Raduan, one of the Bruneian delegates at the ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) 2016 which took place from August 22-25 at Siem Reap, Cambodia.

“There should be a paradigm shift within youth in the country which means there should be a fundamental change in the mindset of youth on employment opportunities, self-reliance and embracing uncertainties.”

At the government level, she said the government can establish a ‘Dream Management Project’ by organising outreach programmes to educational institutions nationwide that would help students achieve their employment goals.

“At the community level, books on youth success stories can be published with the help of the local media, NGOs and the community,” said Nur Atiqah, a PhD candidate majoring in vocational education at Seoul National University in South Korea.

She said the success stories would empower and inspire other local youths to step up and make a difference.

Ak Md Azizul Pg Hj Abd Rahman, a final year UBD student taking Mathematics, said at the individual level, youth forums can be organised.

“The forums, which can be organised by NGOs, can provide a platform for youth to discuss and share ideas on local issues.”

Ak Md Azizul, who is the newly elected AYF focal point for Brunei, said these were the action plans and strategies discussed and suggested during the forum.

Nur Atiqah said she was humbled by the contributions made by the youth and community who were involved during the AYF in the field of inclusive education.

“I hope that we could see the potential of our workforce and the role of quality education. Moreover, I hope to see a shift in paradigm, moving away from dependence on material resources to the tapping of skilled and innovative human resources.”

Ak Md Azizul said the environment is currently one of the crucial issues that needs to be addressed.

“More youth need to be concerned with protecting and caring for the environment, especially since they’re the future leaders.

“The environment is being preserved and neglected by the community at the same time.”

He urged youth to find solutions to preserve, protect and sustain the environment to ensure a better future for the nation and community.

The ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Youth (SOMY) also took place during AYF 2016.

Representing the Bruneian youth delegates at SOMY was Nur Atiqah, and the AYF youth representatives shared and presented accomplishments during previous AYF forums and suggested mechanisms for collaboration with SOMY.

During the AYF, Nur Atiqah and Ak Md Azizul were joined by another Bruneian delegate, Ak Md Al-Muttaqibillah Pg Hj Hasan.

More than 200 youth delegates from ASEAN member states participated in the three-day event, which is considered the most important youth conference in the region.

The AYF is envisioned to be an independent, free and empowering platform for youth to voice their concerns and strategise ways to achieve a better ASEAN, according to the AYF website.

The forum has been working regionally to strengthen youth movement, engaging with ASEAN and civil society.

“Throughout empowerment and engagement towards a youth-driven Southeast Asia approach, the AYF provided space for young leaders to discuss issues, dialogue with various stakeholders and define their destinies with respect to their issues and realities,” read the website.

The Brunei Times