Norhayati to bring students on river tours

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BRUNEI’S globetrotter Norhayati Abu Bakar and her husband Harun Kurt Eichbauer are building a boat that will transport students to the sultanate’s rivers and educate them about the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem.

Norhayati said plans are under way for the couple to visit schools and educate youth about caring for the environment and encourage them to develop ways of improving eco-tourism in Brunei.

“This boat will be used for educational, tourism and preservation purposes.

“I want people especially the youth to come closer to our marine life. (To inspire them, to) preserve our marine life and (show them) the situation of our Bruneian rivers so that we can tackle the problem of rubbish,” she added.

Norhayati was speaking on the sidelines of the Cultural and Local Product Event at the Royal Wharf yesterday.

She said the idea for the boat came from her wish to help Bruneians understand the potential for tourism that comes with preserving the river and its heritage.

“I want to encourage and inspire more locals to clean and care for Kampong Ayer. We should be the ones to champion the beauty of our rivers and sea before we encourage tourists to come over to Brunei.

“There are many sea and water activities that we can use for our Kampong Ayer, a 600-year-old heritage. A heritage that we should be preserved and cared for,” added Norhayati.

She said the boat is now 90 per cent complete, made out of iron and about 18 meters long.

Norhayati is taking part in the Cultural and Local Product Event to share her experience and ideas after her recent adventure where she and her husband travelled from Austria to Italy using tricycles.

She will be continuing her Europe adventure next month, travelling to Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania and Hungary.

“I like meeting people and (gaining new) knowledge but I don’t want to keep it. I want to share (this knowledge) because this is the only country I have. I have seen the world but I still love my country,” said Norhayati.

The Brunei Times