Local man to serve jail for stealing cars

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THE Magistrates’ Court yesterday sentenced a local man to serve eight months in jail and a $1,500 fine for stealing cars and giving a false report to the police.

Muhammad Dzulfadli Kafli, 38, admitted that he stole a car, a Daihatsu Delta, on July 26, this year, when he came across the car in Kg Sabun. He took the car to Kilanas and removed the battery which he later sold for $5 at a workshop.

On the same day, Dzulfadli stole another car, a Toyota Corona, belonging to his wife’s friend when he visited her home in Kg Serasa.

The defendant then went to Kilanas where he had parked the Daihatsu Delta. He then threw away the Toyota Corona’s original license plate and replaced it with the stolen car’s license plate.

Dzulfadli returned the Toyota Corona the next day after his wife received a call from the complainant who demanded that her car to be returned immediately.

However, the complainant lodged a police report after she found that her car was affixed with a different license plate.

On August 18, Dzulfadli was investigated over the theft of the Daihatsu Delta, but the defendant lied to the police by stating that he had obtained the car from Muhd Alimum Ibrahim and that he was only moving the stolen car.

The court yesterday ordered Dzulfadli to pay the fines by the end of the year, failure to do so would result in him serving two months in jail, which will run after he has served his eight-month term.

The Brunei Times