198 pupils now under MKM’s Fidyah programme

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THIRTY more primary school pupils from Pintu Malim Primary School received their identification cards from the head of the Council on Social Welfare’s (MKM) Fidyah programme yesterday.

This brings the total to 198 pupils from five primary schools in the Brunei-Muara district who are now part of the MKM’s Fidyah programme which will help provide food for the pupils every school day of the year.

“When the programme is launched in a school, the programme will last for one year and will only be extended if MKM manages to get funds to continue running it,” said Hj Yusof Hj Halim.

Established in 2009, MKM is a non-governmental organisation aimed to help address social issues in the country as well as coordinate various social welfare NGOs towards improving the well-being of vulnerable groups.

According to Hj Yusof, each pupil enrolled in the programme are given identification cards.

The students’ families must be classified as destitute or poor to qualify for the welfare programme.

The card identifies them as recipients for food and drinks from their school canteen during their school day, under the programme. Each student is eligible for $1 worth of food and drinks per day from the canteen.

At the end of every month, MKM will make the payment to the school canteen operators once all the documentations are verified.

MKM now has more than $97,000 in its fund collection to run the programme.

“Even though this amount is huge, it is important to note that the programme spends $198 a day for each day of school which is equivalent to around $47,000 per year for all the five schools,” said Hj Yusof.

The head of the programme added: “Our hope in MKM is that the scheme will not only continue at the existing schools but will be extended to other schools in the future.”

He said, most of the money was from Fidyah payment but more than 10 per cent is made up of contribution from members of the public.

The Brunei Times