‘Tired workers at greater risk of fatal accidents’

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THE Director of the Land Transport Department yesterday urged employers to safeguard their employees from tiredness or fatigue caused by the workplace as it could increase the risk of road users getting into fatal accidents.

Speaking at Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Construction Conference 2016, Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi said that last year alone, four fatal road accident cases were attributed to the driver feeling fatigued or sleepy while at the wheel. They were among the 36 road fatalities recorded in 2015.

“For each of the four fatality cases (due to tiredness or fatigue) last year, we did a thorough investigation into the individual’s employment history, including where and how they worked, and in one case, we found that the victim had been working from 9am to 9pm and was tired, which affected his driving behaviour,” he said.

“Of course, the usual measures to be taken such as no speeding, no texting and to always wear seatbelts are initiatives which could directly deter road fatalities. However, factors such as sleepiness or tiredness from long hours of work could indirectly lead to road fatalities as well.”

Dr Supry noted that there have been improvements to ensure that drivers are alert to potential hazards on the road.

“But I have also observed at construction sites and road works, seeing as this is a health and safety conference on construction, that there have been many companies taking measures to protect road users from the ongoing works being done on or near roads.

“These include the use of highly-visible flashing warning lights placed many metres away from the site of work which alert road users at night to slow down and be careful while also being visible enough during the daytime to do the same,” he said.

He said to avoid such incidents, employers should adhere to the present regulations on workers’ health and safety.

“It is vitally important that employers ensure the safety of employees not just in the workplace but outside when they are going home. Accidents due to tiredness or sleepiness are of high concern to us at the Brunei National Road Safety Council and also to society as a whole. These kinds of accidents are easily avoidable if the employers adhere and abide by the Workplace Safety and Health Order.”

The Brunei Times