‘Lodge complaints on safety issues’

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THE Labour Department is encouraging the public to lodge complaints with its Workplace Safety and Health Division if they see any employees working in an unsafe environment.

Assistant Commissioner of Labour Dk Kiasatina Nurul Aniqah Pg Yahya said an incident to file such a complaint would be if a worker is seen at risk of falling from heights at a construction site.

The Labour Department will actively inspect the site once a complaint is lodged, she said on the sidelines of the first Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Construction Conference in Brunei yesterday.

“Some examples of safety risks where the public can lodge complaints are if they see stacks of scaffolds along the road that may cause accidents to people using the road or if the public sees people on the scaffolds without any safety harness,” she said.

Upon inspecting the site, the Labour Department will verify the complaint with the workplace and issue a Remedial Order if there is a need to.

Under Section 21(3) of Workplace Safety and Health Order 2009, the labour commissioner may issue a Remedial Order to remedy any danger so that work and processes in the workplace are carried out with due regard for the safety, health and welfare of the people at work.

The labour commissioner may also issue a Stop Work Order if deemed necessary where the person served with the order has to immediately cease any work.

Dk Kiasatina Nurul Aniqah said since the Workplace Safety and Health Order came into effect in 2013, the Labour Department has received quite a number of complaints from the public.

“We encourage the public to continue contacting us if they see any risks posed to the safety of workers at construction sites and workplaces,” she said.

She said all employees should be aware of this order by now and encourage a safety and health culture to take care of themselves.

She pointed out that companies should also invest in health and safety.

“Perhaps they can allocate 10 per cent of their project to be invested in health and safety such as training and using better scaffolds compared to the traditional ones,” she said.

Dk Kiasatina Nurul Aniqah added that the Labour Department encourages every company to train their staff on health and safety practices before any project commences.

“Companies can have basic one-day in-house training on safety and health. For example, teaching their workers how to identify hazards and how to control them. The workers should have a basic understanding of what can cause them injuries or accidents.”

She added that the Labour Department is looking to make such training mandatory for all employees in the future.

The Brunei Times