Private sector urged to use Malay

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THE Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) is encouraging the private sector to apply for their services to improve their grasp of the Malay language.

“In the government, all communication and work between departments are required to be done in the Malay language. However in the private sector, they do not have this requirement which is why we are encouraging them to use the Malay language,” said DBP Acting Deputy Director Hjh Sariani Hj Ishak during a recent interview.

She said there is a lingering problem of private sectors making mistakes when communicating or writing memos and letters in Malay.

These include grammatical errors or using the wrong terms.

With this in mind, Hjh Sariani said that DBP provides consultation services and short courses for improving one’s mastery of the Malay language.

Interested parties will only need to write in a letter requesting the services.

“We have courses ranging from memo to letter writing in the Malay language. Depending on what services are being requested,” she said.

Hjh Sariani also said the bureau has published about 142 books on terminologies in fields such as economics, law, sports, engineering, climate, recipes and medicine to promote the use of the proper Malay terms for certain words.

She said that not many have come to purchase or read the books and instead opted to use words in a foreign language even when communicating or speaking in the Malay language.

She said that the increasing popularity of information, communication, technology (ICT) such as Facebook and Whatsapp also influences the populace — especially the youth — to use simple and broken Malay when communicating in these platforms.

“We at DBP will continue the efforts to encourage the use of the Malay language but it is up to the people to use it themselves. As Bruneians, especially those with a Malay lineage, we should do our best to use and support the Malay language as it is an important part of our identity,” said Hjh Sariani.

The Brunei Times