Kindergarten school plans to renovate building

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TAMAN Asuhan Pertiwi in the capital is planning to renovate its building and add more classes after almost 50 years of use.

The kindergarten was established by a women’s association named Pertiwi Brunei Association on 1972 with the aim of providing early education for young people in the sultanate.

In an interview, Datin Paduka Hjh Jusnani Hj Lawe, chairperson of Pertiwi Brunei Association, said they have been using the building for educational purposes since 1972 and there is a need for renovation to improve the learning environment.

“Currently, the condition of the school is fine and we still can use the building. We just wanted to make it bigger and add more classes so that students can continue their studies here.”

Since it was established, the school only accepts kindergarten pupils aged below five years old.

“There are many kindergarten pupils’ parents who want their children to continue their study here, but the offer is only limited to kindergarten classes,” she said, adding that currently there are only three classes to accommodate fewer than a hundred pupils.

She said they are planning to improve the school by offering more classes and proper infrastructure so that the students can study comfortably.

The renovation would be carried out in phases and it will start with an extension of classes for primary one, she said, adding that for the next phases of building renovation would require them to collect more money.

She said the school would welcome donations to help with the renovation. “We would invite parents and members of the public to contribute to the building of this school.”

She said the school fee of Taman Asuhan Pertiwi stands at $80 monthly and the management is not planning to increase the fee despite their wishes to renovate the school.

“We open the school with aim to educate the children. Increasing the fee would deviate from our goals and intentions. We just welcome those who willing to help us to improve the school,” said the chairperson.

The Brunei Times