‘Teachers recognising value of Kumon’s programmes’

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BRUNEI’S first Kumon Diligent Learning Centre has started receiving referrals from school teachers.

In the last two months, the centre has continued to receive referrals from parents whose children are already enrolled in the centre, but some parents were also referred to Kumon by school teachers, said Caley Lim, chief instructor of the Kumon Diligent Learning Centre in Kg Jaya Setia.

“I’ll ask the new parents what school, what year their child or children are in, and I realise that I don’t know the school or have any students from that school.

“That’s when I realised that the school teachers have heard about the good programmes Kumon has to offer where if their students are struggling in school, the parents can try other alternatives such as Kumon.”

Lim said this shows that the centre is on the right track and will continue to improve its programmes and services.

“I’m proud to see the development of the students after enrolling in our centre. It makes me happy to see their transformation, where at first they were timid, scared, lacked confidence and struggled with basic addition.

“The students grew in confidence, transformed into more confident individuals and are able to master not just addition but beyond that, which is what I’m most proud of,” said Lim.

As of June this year, 33 per cent of its students who have enrolled for seven months or more are studying above their school grade, according to a Kumon statement.

“The youngest student is three years old and the oldest is 17. Regardless of age, potential and whether your child is a high performer or struggles in school, we believe this programme will work for all children.”

The Brunei Times