‘Perseverance key in eliminating poverty’

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YOUTH must persevere in their efforts to eradicate poverty in Brunei, said the president of a local non-profit organisation.

Muhd Hazimi Hj Jaidi of the Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT) yesterday advised participants of the ‘Youth Against Poverty’ Workshop to overcome obstacles in their work, adding that persistence is crucial in addressing complex issues such as poverty.

“We often start out motivated but quickly lose enthusiasm and give up altogether when faced with challenges. Poverty cannot be tackled overnight, so we must persevere,” he said.

He added that youth involved in poverty eradication efforts will likely encounter challenges such as lack of public awareness about the issue, pointing out the level of poverty in the sultanate is “not as critical” compared to other countries.

“Some people don’t know what poverty is and that it exists in Brunei…. It’s important for us to raise awareness,” said Muhd Hazimi.

As the future leaders of Brunei, he called on the youth to understand the root causes of poverty towards realising the zero poverty aim under Vision 2035.

He also believed that youth-led NGOs in the country can work together with the government to achieve such goals.

“We want to help the government achieve zero poverty. The youth can provide fresh ideas to empower the underprivileged out of poverty,” he said.

He said initiatives such as the three-day ‘Youth Against Poverty’ Workshop organised by SCOT, which ended yesterday at the Youth Centre, can help the youth gain a better understanding of issues relating to poverty in the sultanate and develop solutions to address the problem.

InsyaAllah, we hope to conduct this workshop annually to promote awareness about poverty among our youth,” said Muhd Hazimi.

The Brunei Times