More youth entrepreneurs joining BMCCI

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THE Brunei Malay Chambers of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI) has seen a positive response from youth entrepreneurs, with more participation from them recently.

The organisation currently has 15 entrepreneurs under the ages of 35, said its president, Dr Hj Kamaruddin Dato Seri Paduka Hj Talib.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Dr Hj Kamaruddin said that the BMCCI is currently trying to rebrand itself to be more attractive and keep abreast with the changing business environment.

He added that the inclusion of youths within the organisation is one of their initiatives to achieve this goal.

“Previously, I can say that the number of youths joining the BMCCI were few and far in between (but) now we already have 15 active members who are below the age of 35,” he said.

According to him, most youth entrepreneurs lacked the ability to take in constructive criticism, which in previous years had discouraged them from joining the BMCCI.

He added that the increase in the number of youth entrepreneurs joining their organisation is the result of “word of mouth”, adding that youth who are interested in starting up business are now fast realising that the BMCCI can “give them a voice.”

“It is our responsibility to tell youth that we mean business (and) we are dedicated to help them succeed in their business endeavour. This is why, regardless of age, we welcome them to join us,” he said.

The president said currently there are more than a hundred active members of the BMCCI, a jump from only having forty in previous years.

“The BMCCI marked its 50th anniversary two years ago and I think that it is timely for us to better ourselves,” he said.

He added: “Moving forward, the BMCCI will be further strengthening its efforts in the inclusion of youth entrepreneurs as well as to conduct more on the ground work by engaging more Brunei-Malay owned businesses through site visits.”

The Brunei Times