‘Joining women’s bureaus can be empowering’

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THE Chairperson of the Rimba II Women’s Bureau is calling for more women to join women’s bureaus in their respective villages.

Hjh Florinda Hj Mejenis said women of all ages should join women’s bureaus so they can share their experiences and can contribute new ideas to help empower one another.

“Being involved in activities may be difficult especially for those with careers and families. However that mustn’t become a reason for them not to join associations particularly women’s bureaus in their respective villages,” she said.

She encourages those interested, particularly youth to join at an early age to develop beneficial skills and become independent.

“Women who actively participate acquire good leadership skills, are more concerned (of their surroundings), more thorough, stronger, mature and will be able to face any challenges that come their way.”

With good leadership skills and knowledge, women’s bureaus can thrive not only economically and in education but in other fields as well, she said.

“Joining the bureau can build their self-esteem, improve their team work as well as allow them to seek blessings in their life.”

The Brunei Times