MKM to conduct financial literacy programme for students

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THE Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM), a non-governmental organisation, is organising a number of programmes for the next five months, including a series of financial literacy programmes for students.

Vice President of MKM Nur Judy Abdullah, said that they are collaborating with Junior Achievement (JA) Brunei to carry out the “JA More than Money” programme, which teaches the basic financial literacy to children aged eight to 11.

Scheduled to be held next month, the basic financial literacy programme will be at several schools which the MKM has partnered with for its Fidyah School Feeding programme. The existing school feeding programme has been sustained by donors to provide breakfast for vulnerable children. These kids will be given identification cards, which will allow them to get free meals at their school canteens.

“The feeding programme is not enough so we are complementing this with the financial literacy programme so (children) they will know about money and entrepreneurship, a basic foundation for self-reliance and economic empowerment for them,” said Nur Judy.

She said that the courses will be conducted by MKM volunteers who are trained by JA Brunei. The materials will be provided by JA Brunei and the activities will take place at MKM Resource Centre, which is located in MKM office in Melabau Complex, Kg Melabau, Serusop.

She added that in August 25 another school will become a beneficiary of the Fidyah programme.

Meanwhile, MKM will organise a fund-raising event, “Fun Run Sweat for Charity 2016” on October 23.

Other MKM programmes include cottage industry projects with single mothers and religious classes at MKM Resource Centre.

Under its Legal Clinic Programme, MKM will organise a monthly learning session on various topics pertaining to Syariah and Civil Law every third Friday of the month.

The sessions, which will be open to MKM clients and members of the public, is a joint-project between MKM and Yusof Halim and Partners Advocates and Solicitors. The speakers in the learning sessions will comprise lawyers from Yusof Halim and Partners, she said.

“We are calling on the public to be more active in doing volunteer work for charity. We have many social issues and one area we need help is in the promotion of social entrepreneurship among the vulnerable to provide them some economic empowerment programmes to be more self-reliant and less dependent on government welfare aid,” she said.

She added: “We would like more youth to volunteer so they are aware of the current social issues in the country and they can innovate new ways of how to help those in need.”

The Brunei Times