Students to compete in promoting Brunei’s tourism

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THE ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism will be conducting three competitions to enhance and promote Brunei’s tourism.

According to Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, the head of AKC’s Culture and Tourism Unit, a delegation of 22 students that arrived in the sultanate on August 17 for a six-day ASEAN Community-based Tourism Programme will be taking part in the competitions.

The delegation consists of 12 Korean university students and 10 ASEAN university students.

The students will be divided into five groups and compete in the three categories including a competition for best idea to improve community-based tourism in Brunei, a short promotional video competition promoting tourism in Brunei and a marketing competition where members will market Brunei through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

“We want them to generate their own creative, implementable and genuine ideas on how to further enhance the community-based tourism experience (in Brunei) so that this product can be better sold to foreign tourists, especially to Korean tourists,” said Mohd Daud, adding that the video competition will be judged based on how many views and likes the video receives.

Mohd Daud said Brunei has great potential if it were to tap into eco-tourism and the hospitality of the people.

“Brunei’s strength is mainly in eco-tourism and the hospitality of the community here. When we arrived yesterday at the Seri Tanjung Kindana Homestay, the (hosts) were so warm-hearted, welcoming and excited to see the Korean students. Eco-tourism is (also) one of the best that we can have as we have the oldest rainforest in Borneo.”

According to Mohd Daud, the video competition was based on the first ASEAN Community-based Tourism Programme held last year in Malaysia as a pilot project which was successful in generating views and likes, especially in Korea.

The student delegation visited tourist attractions in Tutong District yesterday.

The Brunei Times