Progresif sees sharp rise in sales of visitor SIM cards

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PROGRESIF Cellular Sdn Bhd has recorded a nearly twofold increase in purchases of its SIM cards by tourists at its Brunei International Airport branch since it opened in May, signaling a rise in visitors to the sultanate.

Ak Md Afandi Hj Bakar, a sales representative who was manning the counter at Progresif’s airport branch yesterday, said a rising number of tourists traveling to Brunei are taking advantage of the Progresif Visitor Plan, with more than 400 foreign travelers purchasing their visitor SIM cards last month.

The Visitor Plan is a package that includes data, local and international call minutes and short-term messaging and gives users access to key tourism websites, said Ak Md Afandi.

He said 424 visitor SIM cards were sold to travelers in July, a nearly twofold increase from when they launched their airport store in May, when they sold 215 SIM cards to tourists.

In June, 229 tourists purchased visitor SIM cards from the local telecommunications company. Progresif opened its sixth store, located in the arrival hall of the international airport, on May 15 this year in a bid to cater to demand for communication services by international tourists.

Ak Md Afandi said that previously many tourists from overseas who had intended to buy SIM cards after arriving in Brunei had been unable to do so but noted that now travelers have easy access to SIM cards with prices as low as $10.

“It’s the first thing they see when they land, so we get a lot of enquiries as well, and we work closely with tour guides,” he said, adding that most of the overseas visitors that had purchased SIM cards from Progresif’s airport branch were from Shanghai and Singapore.”

The Brunei Times