Info Dep’t holds educational briefings

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THE Information Department under the Prime Minister’s Office conducted separate events yesterday to raise public awareness on development and business issues.

A roadshow on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) organised by the department’s International Affairs Unit was held at Sayyidina Husain Secondary School in Mukim Sengkurong.

Close to 400 Year Seven and Eight students listened to a presentation by Isa Hj Abdul Rahman, an information officer from the unit.

During the event, he discussed various facts about ASEAN countries including population, Gross Domestic Product, currency and culture as well as ASEAN pillars and recent ASEAN plans.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Isa said the roadshow was aimed at spreading awareness and knowledge about ASEAN to the young generation so they won’t be left behind in terms of knowledge about the sultanate’s aspiration to make Brunei Darussalam well-known across the world as a country with an educated and skilled population by 2035.

“Even though the students learn about ASEAN in Social Studies class, the roadshow will expose them to the idea that (ASEAN) is not just important for exams but also for the development of the country and the region in the long run.

“Through this roadshow, it will help instil a sense of belonging (in ASEAN) in the students. Some students aren’t aware of ASEAN and its role. This (roadshow) increases their chances of seeing the big picture of ASEAN and its impact on this country,” he said.

He said not many people are aware about ASEAN despite technological advances in terms of obtaining information online.

“For people who have little knowledge about ASEAN, they may ignore its importance. Not many people are aware of ASEAN Community 2015 (AC15). People need to be updated on our nation’s progress, particularly with ASEAN, as it will help the country produce an educated and self-aware generation,” he said.

Isa also hoped the increasing awareness about ASEAN would encourage teachers and students to acquire more knowledge about projects, places and people in ASEAN.

Since the roadshow was launched early this year, the Information Department has visited 11 schools nationwide. It plans to conduct 16 visits annually over three years. The roadshow will continue at several schools in each district of the sultanate.

Meanwhile, the Information Department held another event for the Informative Community Programme yesterday at LiveWIRE Brunei in Kg Jaya Setia.

More than 30 residents from Kg Sengkurong took part in the programme which aimed to inspire them to become entrepreneurs and enhance their living standards through entrepreneurial activities.

Briefings were delivered by officials from Darussalam Enterprise (DARE) as well as the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood.

The Brunei Times