‘Da’ie should use social media to spread teachings of Islam’

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DA’IE or propagators of Islam should improve and strengthen their methodology of spreading Islamic teachings primarily through the use of new media to keep up with the globalised world.

The Acting Director of the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) made the comment during the closing ceremony of the Suntikan Da’ie programme which aimed to strengthen and improve the dakwah skills of officers from the centre.

During his speech, Abd Aziz Hj Abdul Kahar said the contemporary age and birth of new media have created a number of difficulties in spreading the teachings of Islam as concepts that aren’t aligned with the sultanate’s national philosophy are easily accessible.

“We want to see the influence of Islam in the country develop and grow, (so) we have to keep up with the times, (and) as propagators of Islam, we should learn to communicate with the world through social media.

“The obstacle that is often faced by us (as propagators of Islam) is to identify new methodologies (of delivering dakwah) that will highlight the beauty and elegance of Islam,” he said.

Speaking of the programme, Abd Aziz said its main objective was to help the centre’s officers develop their individual talents in spreading dakwah.

Once identified, he added, these individual talents need to be further developed and strengthened in order for each da’ie to be able to play a role in being beneficial to society.

The three-day event featured Solikhin Abu ‘Izzudin, director of the Zero to Hero Training Centre, who facilitated the Suntikan Da’ie programme.

“This programme allows our officers to be able to exchange knowledge and experiences to better themselves in propagating Islam, (and) by being exposed to these new viewpoints and experiences, I’m sure they will be able to reach the nation’s goal in creating a nation that’s fully grounded in Islam,” said Abd Aziz.

The closing ceremony also saw the acting director present certificates of participation to the 20 PDI officers.

The Brunei Times