Temburong records drop in crime rate

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THE crime rate for the second quarter of 2016 in Temburong has declined, read to a report released by the Temburong district police yesterday.

According to the report, theft declined by 11 cases with 18 reports made in the second quarter of the year.

Cases of damaged goods in the second quarter remained the same as the first quarter of the year with two cases reported respectively.

No car thefts were recorded, stated the report, as opposed to the one case reported during the first quarter of the year.

No incidents of car break-ins and thefts, as well as crimes that cause dire consequences, were reported during the first and second quarter of the year, read the statement.

The Temburong district police also shared statistics of accidents.

Seven accidents were recorded compared to 10 cases reported during the first quarter of the year.

The statistics were shared during a second quarter of the year meeting between the Commanding officer of the Temburong district police and the Superintendent officer of the Bangar Police Station, along with advisors and chairmen of the Temburong Neighbourhood Watch on Saturday, August 13.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for the officers, advisors and chairmen to share views, explain and clarify matters.

Advisors and chairmen of the neighbourhood watch were also present at the meeting to share their plans and actions with the Temburong Police Station and the RBPF in general.

“By sharing, the RBPF can provide assistance to ensure the plans carried out are reasonable,” read the statement.

The meeting was held at the Bumiputera multipurpose hall of the Bumiputera complex in Pekan Bangar.

The Brunei Times