Rimba school Fit4Good helps 88 students reduce BMI

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EIGHTY-EIGHT students from Rimba Secondary School who were selected to participate in a health programme collectively reduced their overall body mass index (BMI) by 15.3 points over a six-month period this year.

The programme, Fit4Good, was conducted in cooperation with the Health Promotion Centre beginning January 28 this year to raise awareness among secondary level students who were overweight according to their BMI, which is calculated using their mass and height measurements, by introducing healthy lifestyle habits.

In his opening remarks at the awarding ceremony for the most improved students under the programme yesterday, the school principal said that the programme has had a positive impact on the health of students.

“Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help build the nation when the savings from medical costs can be diverted to investments for the growth of the economy,” said Hj Malai Shah Eran Syed Hj Yussof.

“Just last Sunday, we witnessed His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam complete a 15-kilometre bicycle ride.This shows that the people’s health is an important concern for His Majesty who also set a fine example of leading a healthy and active lifestyle,” he said.

Hj Malai Shah Eran said during an interview on the sidelines of the ceremony that a healthy lifestyle among students can produce improved academic results as well.

“I believe that a sharp mind comes from a healthy body so health is important for students to have a clear and focused mind during the class and not to be sleepy or distracted,” he said.

“Good physical health translates into better grades because when students are fit and healthy, it is easy for them to catch up on class lessons,” he said.

The principal said that following the success of the programme in its initial year, there are plans to run it again next year.

“We will continue to monitor their health even after this programme to make sure that they continue the good habits they have picked up and make it part of the school culture. Next year, we plan to also have this programme again,” he said.

The principal was speaking at the closing ceremony of the programme yesterday where he presented awards to the top three performers in the programme while a further seven were given consolation prizes.

The students were chosen by Ministry of Health officials who asked for body weight measurements of students and selected those deemed overweight for the programme which is one of the ministry’s initiatives to curb child obesity and non-communicable diseases.

The selected students were subject to lifestyle changes that were implemented at the school and had their physical activities during Physical Education or extra curricular activities classes during school time monitored.

The Brunei Times