Pokemon Go players reminded to keep locations clean

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POKEMON GO players are reminded to observe the cleanliness of public places they visited while playing.

Places that attracts players to visit and play the game includes the Menara Cendera Kenangan, Old Tamu building and the Jubilee Park in Kuala Belait, as well as the Billionth Barrel Monument in Seria which continues to see great numbers of visitors every night.

An official from the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board yesterday reminded these players to always observe the cleanliness of places they visited while playing the Pokemon Go game as being indicated through few signage installed in these areas.

Littering, said the official, is an offence liable to a compound fine up to $500 - which also carries a fine of $3,000 and a maximum of three months imprisonment if the same offence is repeated.

This reminder was also echoed by vendors who started setting up their stalls at the Billionth Barrel Monument days after Pokemon Go hits the country, who added that players should also take their own initiatives to ensure their hunting grounds are clean.

The monument became the attraction as it provides players with better facilities needed for an enhanced experience of the game, hence the number of visitors were far greater than the other public places in the district.

Arfique Sidqi Asri, co-owner of Red Rooster Café in Kg Pandan noted that some of these public places may have limited trash cans with the sudden increase of its visitors.

Despite being happy about the liveliness of Billionth Barrel Monument in light of the Pokemon Go, he also reminded visitors to always be cautious with the cleanliness of the place, adding that it is better to come and leave the place as clean as it is.

“In the past, we could never see this place being crowded as it is – and visitors only consist of tourists who only came sometime during the afternoon, took some pictures and leave,” he said.

“So while it has now become lively, let us not forget that it is still our responsibility to keep this place clean to be able to preserve the atmosphere longer,” he added.

Muhd Khairul Hafiz Rosli, another vendor suggested for the players to also bring their own plastic bags to throw their rubbish away, so the garbage cans provided by the authorities would not get overloaded.

“This is especially at the Billionth Barrel Monument, we have to be thankful that the Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Sdn Bhd has allowed us to gather and even sell our foods here, as long as our activities remained monitored,” he said.

“So at the very least, we have to ensure to observe our responsibilities well not only for us vendors, but also for visitors who came here to play their Pokemon Go games,” he added.

The Brunei Times