‘Muslims should prepare early for performing Haj’

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IMAMS nationwide yesterday urged Muslims to start saving up early to allow them to perform the obligatory Haj.

The Haj pilgrimage is the fifth pillar of Islam and is obligatory for every Muslim who has the means and who has met all the conditions for it.

During the Friday sermon, imams said performing Haj isn’t easy. Besides acquiring sufficient knowledge on Haj, it also requires Muslims to have sufficient funds, said imams.

“We need to plan early and start saving for Haj. If we do, it will not be impossible for us Muslims to be able to carry out the fifth pillar of Islam,” they said.

This year, 400 Haj pilgrims from the sultanate will be leaving the country on August 18 and 19 to perform Haj for a month in Saudi Arabia.

Alhamdulillah, we are now in the month of Zulkaedah. The pilgrims will leave for the holy land to perform the Haj pilgrimage. They would surely have made careful preparations to ensure that their journey to the holy land will be blessed with a Haj that is mabrur (accepted by Allah SWT).

Imams said the Haj pilgrims need to be fully prepared in terms of knowledge and health as well as have adequate funds for themselves and their dependents that they will leave behind.

“Haj pilgrims must also take care of their health by living and eating healthy, getting enough rest and abiding by their medical doctor’s instructions or advice.

“Health is very important in ensuring that the Haj pilgrims are able to perform all rites properly since most Haj and Umrah rites require considerable energy and stamina.”

The Haj pilgrims from the sultanate have already joined the Haj course and studied all the pillars of the pilgrimage.

“It is hoped that with the knowledge, pilgrims will be able to perform the Haj well and not simply follow or imitate what others are doing without guidance from the knowledge studied.”

The sermon went on to say that during the Haj season from Zulhijjah 10 until 13, a sacrificial animal will be slaughtered, as it is a Sunnah that is strongly enjoined in Islam as a way of expressing gratitude for the provisions bestowed by Allah SWT.

Performing the sacrifice teaches us to be generous and charitable because most of the meat will be given as charity to the poor and needy, said imams, adding it is gratifying to know there are some among us who save little by little in order to perform the sacrificial slaughter.

“Let us supplicate together that the Haj pilgrims of Brunei specifically and the Haj pilgrims of the whole world in general will be able to perform the Haj properly with ease and under the protection and mercy of Allah SWT always and obtain a Haj that is mabrur,” the sermon said.

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