Education important in Islam: Imams

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IMAMS yesterday reminded Muslims nationwide that Islam has made the importance of seeking knowledge very clear as without knowledge human beings may err, deviate, be deceived and fall into an abyss of regrets.

“There are various methods through which knowledge may be obtained and one of these is through education,” imams said yesterday.

The Friday sermon also said that the value of knowledge surpasses that of worldly wealth.

“The reality is that society may think that (wealth enables people to live luxuriously)... but without knowledge, luxury will not be beneficial and will just simply disappear.”.

Knowledge obtained through education is necessary for the development of man and society.

“No matter how great a person’s mind is he still needs education, obtained either formally or informally. Hence obtaining knowledge through education is an important process necessary for us to face the future,” said the sermon.

Imams said it is the duty of parents to provide their children with proper education and upbringing because children make up the next generation.

“Our duty goes beyond simply providing them with food, clothes, a place to stay and love. All of these are intended to ensure that our children will have prosperity and a high position in this world and in the hereafter.”

Allah SWT says in surah Al-Mujadalah, verse 11: “Allah will exalt those who believe among you, and those who have knowledge to high ranks...”

“What is important is that all parents and family members bear together this burden of trust and responsibility so that the country will be able to produce human capital that can really lead the nation to a better level of development which may effectively shape and develop minds, souls and spirits towards better self-knowledge and the achievement of the perfect society,” the sermon added.

Imams said that parents and guardians who do not send their children to school and provide them with education may be guilty of depriving the children of their rights to education or learning.

“Formal compulsory education is very important because it is through education that a prosperous life pattern may be formulated, generating a superior future civilisation.

Literacy was mentioned in the first revelation that was sent down to Prophet Muhammad SAW, which was “Iqra”, pointing out that in order to gain knowledge, one has to read.

“This shows that literacy is key to gaining knowledge and knowledge is key to understanding and appreciating the content of the Quran which contains a variety of information and knowledge useful to man,” the sermon said.

“Hence, in order to enable these students to lead the community and the nation towards progress and success in the future, knowledge and skills, as well as piety, are necessary provisions that are both appropriate and effective.”

The Brunei Times