Kg Lorong Sikuna residents hold Hari Raya celebrations

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RESIDENTS of Kg Lorong Sikuna came together to celebrate the ongoing Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations.

Hundreds of the residents gathered at the village head’s home to mark the occasion celebrating with more than 50 orphans, differently-abled individuals and the elderly.

Village Head Hj Ahmad Hj Bujang, opened his doors to the villagers to not only celebrate Hari Raya but to help the individuals in need.

Donations collected by anonymous donors were handed over by deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Hj Md Sunadi Hj Buntar, who was the guest of honour and was accompanied by his spouse.

On the sidelines of the celebration, the village head said that it is becoming the norm for residents to come together and foster better ties amongst one another.

“We try to organise this as much as possible. After this event, we already have other events that would see us come together again,” said Hj Ahmad.

On village developments, Hj Ahmad said that he has received over 10,000 visitors and tourists in the span of three years at his bed-and-breakfast noting that the village is doing its share in bringing tourism into Kg Ayer.

The village has also yet to introduce its own ‘One Village One Product’ initiative with the vilage chief noting that while some villages in Kg Ayer are historically known to produce items special to their villages, Kg Lorong Sikuna is still relatively new with a merge of different residents.

“It is a work in progress,” said the village head.

The Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations also had the village head along with the deputy permanent secretary visit nearby homes.

The Brunei Times