‘Hiring of local talent should be prioritised’

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DESPITE the challenges of retaining local hires, it’s important for businesses to provide job opportunities to Bruneians to ensure the nation’s continued development, said an executive member of local cooperative Koperasi Persatuan TIBA (KOTIBA).

In a recent interview with The Brunei Times, KOTIBA General Secretary Muhsin Ahmad said hiring locals for its petrol station in Kg Salambigar continues to be a challenge but it hasn’t deterred the cooperative’s commitment to providing employment for Bruneians.

Muhsin noted that although most of KOTIBA’s workforce are locals, the turnover rate is high.

“Some quit suddenly without notice. They just stop turning up for work,” he said, adding that many also fail to comply with the standard rules for taking leave or days off.

He said currently, 92 per cent of their staff are locals, with 23 Bruneians and only two foreigners manning the petrol station.

KOTIBA prioritises hiring locals from the surrounding vicinity of Kg Tanah Jambu, Kg Sg Hanching and Kg Sg Tilong, he said.

He said measures have been taken to improve the administration system at its petrol station in order to produce a more conducive working environment that will strengthen teamwork between management and employees.

This, he added, includes introducing an appreciation programme with rewarding benefits for KOTIBA’s staff and management team at the petrol station.

With a current membership of 569, KOTIBA has been running the Kg Salambigar petrol station since 1981.

Last year, the filling station earned $357,732 in fuel sales, with the cooperative also investing in properties and real estate projects in Brunei-Muara district.

The Brunei Times