Malaysian authorities nab duo with airsoft guns at Mengkalap control post

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A MIRI registered car carrying airsoft guns was stopped by Malaysian customs and immigration at the Mengkalap control post in Lawas on Wednesday night.

The driver and passenger, both Malaysians, were found with a large haul of airsoft guns and equipment, including three pistols, two rifles, a shotgun and gas cannisters.

Immigration officers on duty noticed that the two Malaysians were listed in their enforcement records system and noted the sedan they were using to be in a “suspicious” condition.

The Mengkalap control post is the first point of entry into Lawas from Labu, Temburong. The Malaysian police however, declined to provide the car's movements before it entered Lawas.

Airsoft guns are replica firearms often used in law enforcement training, but can potentially cause serious injuries.

As they are restricted under Malaysia’s firearms act, all items and the vehicle were seized while the pair continues to be investigated.

The Brunei Times