IBTE to collaborate with car companies

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The Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Mechanical Campus plans to collaborate with companies from the automotive industry to further deepen the knowledge of IBTE Mechanical Campus’ Instructors and students on the industry’s demand.

This was said by IBTE Mechanical Campus’s Assistant Programme leader, Md Hafizzul Fadlillah Hj Johari on the sidelines of an orientation week for 75 newly inducted students at the campus yesterday.

“Among the companies we are looking to collaborate with in the near future is Hyundai,” Md Hafizzul Fadlillah said adding that his department is pending final approval from senior officials.

“Hyundai will conduct an in house-training on basic diagnostics at the campus where instructors will be informed about direct information from the industry which can enhance their knowledge and teaching,” he said.

The assistant programme leader said it is a vital opportunity as instructors will know the industry's needs and further relay the information to their students.

“So the job of the instructors is to translate the information learned during the training and relay it the students in a manner in which they will easily understand,” he said.

“With NBT Toyota, they sent their experts here and taught us technical subjects - hybrid technology (such as used) on the Toyota Prius. So we used that information and taught it to our students.

“They were even kind enough to give us some of the components for us to use for practicals with our students,” he said.

He said the collaboration with Hyundai will focus more on diagnosing the vehicle.

“Cars nowadays isn’t straight forward (to fix) where we can immediately pinpoint where the problem is, but nowadays we need to use a computer, specialised instrument to diagnose what is wrong with the car,” he said.

Md Hafizzul Fadlillah added that the proposal is also looking to involve the best students in the in-house training as an incentive to encourage students to learn more.

He said the proposed initiative will only be available for “the best students”, as “not many students will be ready” for the professional training.

The Brunei Times