Family struggles with drainage system in new home

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AN IBAN Muslim family who were given a new bungalow in Lumut last month by the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) has been struggling with its sewer drainage system which has been making life difficult since they first moved in.

The bungalow is among those that have been awarded by the PDI to families of converts this year.

Mursidi Abdullah, whose wife, Merlini, is the recipient of the house told The Brunei Times that up until yesterday, he had to continuously check the drainage system to see whether it’s full with wastewater.

“If it’s full, I have to (manually) drain it using a bucket and make sure there’s still space inside so it won’t go to our toilet, bathroom or kitchen whenever we use them.

“As we use those facilities every day, I also have to clean them daily. Every day, I fill up and throw out 50 buckets of wastewater from the drainage system, and during this Raya season, it may go up to 70 buckets a day,” he said.

He recalled an incident where the toilet bowl overflowed because the drainage system was full and not only wastewater but all types of waste came out with it.

The incident, he said, has made his family feel less comfortable, especially during the festive Raya season where guests were expected to come and gather at their new home.

Mursidi said he tracked the problem after moving into the house before Ramadhan, and at the time, the contractor had been called and had come to inspect the situation on the second day of Ramadhan.

“I was told that within the next nine months (after receiving the house), if anything happened, I could call them immediately. But when they came, all they did was inspect things, and till now, we’re still waiting for them to come and fix this,” he said.

Mursidi said the drainage system is located a few metres from the house and isn’t connected to the main drainage system which can be seen from the roadside, unlike his neighbours.

He attributed this as the cause of his sewer drainage system being frequently clogged and hoped the contractors or any other authorities could look into the matter and connect their drainage pipeline to the main one immediately.

As he may not be able to afford it himself, Mursidi said all he can do for now is manually remove the wastewater from the drainage system whenever it nearly reaches the surface. But continuously doing this has affected his back.

“During Ramadhan, I was admitted to the hospital once because of the back pain I sustained from continuously throwing out the wastewater from the drainage system. I was given painkillers and advised not to do the physical work again.

“While my wife also advised me against it, I still have to do it, as letting it be may also affect our health as besides my wife and my daughter, we also have two small grandchildren living at the house,” he said.

Mursidi hopes the authorities, including the contractors, can help fix the drainage problem soon as he doesn’t know how long he can continue to remove the wastewater, especially since he is in his 70s.

“Especially for this Hari Raya too, of course I have to throw more wastewater out as I need to take care of my guests. I don’t want them to be discomforted and fall sick because of the environment.

“The house, however, is more than enough to accommodate us. We’re even able to receive 10 to 20 guests compared with our old home.”

The Brunei Times