‘Continue noble acts beyond Ramadhan’

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THE righteous practices that Muslims adopted during Ramadhan shouldn’t be neglected just because the holy month has ended, the director of the Fundamental Knowledge Centre at Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) said recently.

“We have to understand that although Ramadhan has left us, we shouldn’t leave Ramadhan,” said Dr Hj Noralizam Hj Ali Akbar, explaining that the good practices picked up during the month should be maintained.

“We battled our nafs (desires) and were watchful of our behaviour during Ramadhan. Now we’re in Syawal, where we’re commanded to be joyous and celebratory. But we shouldn’t do so to the extent that we forget what we learnt in Ramadhan,” Dr Hj Noralizam said.

He urged Muslims to continue practices such as the night prayers and Quran recitals that were often done in the holy month.

“We prayed 20 rakaat of tarawih and three for _Witr _prayers. We were committed to do so many Sunat prayers. Let us continue this habit through more voluntary prayers but always making sure we prioritise fulfilling the five obligatory prayers.

“Why can’t we remember voluntary religious practices like how we remember WhatsApp? When we leave (WhatsApp) for a bit, we feel unsettled. Let us be unsettled when we have yet to do the prayers, voluntary or involuntary,” he said.

He urged Muslims to be forgiving during Syawal as they had been during Ramadhan and to continue strengthening ties with those ‘we know and those we don’t know’.

“There was a reason why the Prophet (SAW) used one route to the mosque during the Aidil Fitri prayers but a different pathway on the way back from them.

“It increases the chances of meeting people through the journeys to and from the mosque on the morning of Aidil Fitri. This would present opportunities for the Prophet (SAW) to courteously greet people he encountered,” he said.

He urged Muslims to emulate this behaviour when meeting others during the month of meeting and greeting through open houses or the more simple house visits.

The Brunei Times