Thousands visit Kota Batu Archaeological Park since launch

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THE $2 million Kota Batu Archaeological Park has received 3,038 visitors since its inauguration last August, according to the Museums Department.

Aminah Hj Majid, curator of archaeology from the department’s Archaeology and Monument Section, said recently that the park welcomed 1,540 visitors last year and this year had received 1,498 visitors as of May.

“Visitors came from various backgrounds, with a majority being students from schools and higher institutions as well as international visitors and members of the public,” she said.

Students and teachers from Jigsaw Primary School, Chung Hwa Middle School, Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Mentiri Secondary School, Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College and the Department of History and Academy of Brunei Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam were among those who visited the park last year.

The park, located in Kg Kota Batu, houses the Kota Batu I and II archaeological sites as well as the Sultan Bolkiah and Sultan Sharif Ali mausoleums.

An Information Centre exhibiting centuries-old artefacts found in Mukim Kota Batu since the discovery of the Kota Batu archaeological site in the 1950s is also incorporated in the 120-acre park, which also includes walkways for sightseeing.

According to Aminah, several excavation works have also been carried out in recent years at the Kota Batu I and II sites.

“Artefacts — in particular ceramics and wooden artefacts — are continuously recovered from these sites,” she said.

This, she added, further reinforces Kota Batu as a significant ‘ancient historic city of Brunei Darussalam’ as it is believed to be an old capital of the sultanate during the 14th to 17th centuries.

As it contains the country’s first and largest archaeological site, she said the department is committed to the long-term preservation and conservation of the park.

“As a gazetted archaeological site, (the park) has been undergoing preservation and restoration over the years and will continue to do so.”

The Brunei Times