Petrol stations require multiple fuel refills on 1st day of Raya

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SEVERAL petrol stations yesterday said they had to have multiple RON97 fuel refills as long queues of cars thronged the stations throughout the first day of Syawal.

A representative of the Syarikat Amanah Haji Abdullah petrol station in Kg Kilanas said they were about to get a fourth refill of RON97 via a Brunei Shell Marketing (BSM) shell tanker.

The representative said the station, which opened at 12pm yesterday, had run out of RON97 fuel by about 4.45pm.

“It’s always been busy (for us) on the first day of Raya as well as the day before all these years.

“_Alhamdulillah, _we have been able to provide the commodity to our customers year after year,” he said.

However, the representative noted that it was “slightly busier than usual” on the first day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri yesterday, compared to previous years.

“I do think part of it has to do with that people assuming that the (Syawal) new moon would not be sighted on Tuesday night, and that there would be an extra Ramadhan day to run the errand,” he said.

Likewise, Jesus Suguitan, Manager of the IBA Petrol Station & Trading station in Lambak Kanan, who has worked at the branch since 1999, said yesterday was the “busiest first day of Raya” he had ever seen.

“In previous years, I can see that the queue of vehicles to the station was single lane, but this year, there were three lanes throughout the day,” he said.

The manager said the station, which was supposed to open at 12pm, opened a half-hour early to begin accommodating the long line of customers who were already waiting in line for petrol.

“(On Tuesday night), we were supposed to close for the day at 12am, but we ended up closing at 1.30am,” he added.

At press time, Suguitan said the station already had two RON97 petrol refills, and had a third BSM tanker “on standby just in case”.

Meanwhile, a supervisor at the Berakas Service and Filling Station at Jalan Pasir Berakas also said her petrol station had two RON97 refills by 1pm yesterday.

“We were supposed to close at 10pm (on Tuesday night), but there were too many cars queuing up so we couldn’t close until 12am.

“Because of that, we had a low fuel stock in the morning. Our station opened at 10am, but we ran out of RON97 by around 12.30pm,” she said.

The supervisor, who has worked at the branch since 1988, likewise emphasised that yesterday was the first time she had experienced “such a busy first day of Raya”.

The Brunei Times