Tutong restaurants miss top grade for food safety

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NONE of the restaurants and eateries in Tutong received the coveted A grade in this year’s inspection, prompting the district office to call for better food safety standards.

Speaking at the presentation of grading certificates yesterday, Administrative Officer Izzaty Amanina Hj Mohammad urged restaurants and eateries to review the way they handle, prepare and store food to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Of the 58 restaurants and eateries assessed in Tutong, only four businesses received a B grade while another 13 received a C grade.

Izzaty, who is also the head of licensing and enforcement, said food safety criteria account for 80 per cent of the marks, stressing that restaurants are responsible in ensuring the food they serve do not pose any health hazards.

“Some of the businesses were very close to getting the A grade, but they need to improve on food safety,” she said.

Although food safety is an important aspect of the annual inspection, the administrative officer also advised restaurants and eateries to improve their equipment, comfort and service, which comprise 20 per cent of the marks.

She said the grading aimed to ensure the restaurants and eateries are in a satisfactory condition by meeting the standards outlined in the four criteria.

The grading certificates were presented by Acting Tutong District Officer Hj Adnan Hj Adam to 17 businesses in a ceremony at his official residence, following the conclusion of the two-phase inspection conducted in May.

The panel of inspectors were from the Tutong District Office; Tutong District Health Office; Tutong District Environment, Parks and Recreation; as well as private sector representatives.

Izzaty said the government agencies and private sector will continue to work together by providing constructive feedback to help restaurants and eateries in the district achieve higher marks in future inspections.

The Brunei Times