Timor-Leste lawmakers to visit Brunei in July

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A GROUP of Timor-Leste parliament members are expected to visit Brunei from July 17-23 to enhance bilateral relations, its envoy here said yesterday.

Erminio da Silva Pinto, charge d’affaires at the Timor-Leste Embassy, said the delegates include 10 members tasked with finance and economic affairs and three legal advisers.

They are scheduled to meet Legislative Council members and other high-ranking officials from various government agencies.

“Our members of parliament want to learn from Brunei’s experiences and best practices on how its Legislative Council members discuss the annual state budget and the process of monitoring the budget among the ministries,” said Pinto.

During the week-long visit, the delegates will be led by Virgilio Dias Marcal, president of Committee C of the Timor Leste parliament.

The charge d’affaires said the embassy is working closely with government agencies to facilitate the visit.

He added that the lawmakers are also keen to learn about the national housing scheme in Brunei. This includes how the Brunei government builds houses for its people, the process of handing over the houses and the rental fees that homeowners have to pay.

“We have also made a request to conduct site visits to homes under the national housing schemes,” Pinto said.

In addition, the delegates are also scheduled to meet officials from the Anti-Corruption Bureau and Brunei Economic Development Board.

They are also expected to visit the Daikyo Environmental Recycling plant.

“I hope the exchange visit between the institutions, government officials of both countries will continue in the future and the flow of business people between the two parties will increase in the future too,” he added.

The Brunei Times