Security firm accuses BSP of non-payment

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BRUNEI Shell Petroleum (BSP) is working closely with authorities to resolve allegations made by Ravenguard Security Services (RGS) that they are unable to pay staff salaries because BSP has yet to fully settle an invoice.

The security firm’s contract manager issued a memo last Saturday stating that supervisors and security guards of RGS would not be paid their June salaries “early” for the upcoming Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations.

The memo, leaked onto social media over the weekend, alleged that a May 2016 invoice had yet to be fully paid by BSP to RGS.

The contract manager stated that whatever payment was received would be utilised to offset the company's obligations with banks, leaving RGS with a “shortfall” to pay staff salaries.

RGS security guards and supervisors stationed around Seria yesterday confirmed that they had been notified of the delay. RGS, a contractor to BSP, provides guard services to several BSP properties.

“We received the memo on Saturday. Normally we receive our salary between the 28th of the month and the first few days of the (next) month,” said an employee yesterday who asked to remain anonymous.

The employees said there had been no further mention from RGS on when their June salaries would be paid as of yesterday afternoon.

BSP in a statement issued last night said it has taken several measures to ensure the welfare of the contractor’s employees, including a “goodwill payment”.

“Whilst it is the contractor's legal responsibility to pay employees’ salaries, out of goodwill and care for the contractor’s employees, BSP is taking several measures to ensure the welfare of the contractor’s people is safeguarded,” BSP said.

The goodwill payment however does not exclude BSP’s legal rights against RGS. BSP added that it conducts business responsibly by observing the laws of Brunei, and expects their contractors to do the same.

The Brunei Times