Road system not designed for public transport: Minister

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THERE is a need to address the current road system in the sultanate as it is not designed to facilitate an efficient public transportation system, according to the minister of communications.

Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Mustappa Hj Sirat in a recent interview with The Brunei Times said that a well coordinated road infrastructure is needed in order to provide a reliable and well connected bus transportation system in the sultanate.

“This is a big challenge we will be facing, but hopefully over time through our legal framework, our development programme will be able to improve the operations of bus services in the country,” he said. The minister added that the main problem in further developing the current bus system will be “physical infrastructures”.

“This will be a challenge as it is but over time we will improve these infrastructures,” he said, adding that with future upgrading of the public transportation system with better connectivity of bus routes and interchanges, bus services in the sultanate will emerge to be more systematic.

“Hopefully then the buses will be able to reach one destination to another within the specified time and that is very important because that will ensure reliability for the public to trust these services.”

In achieving this, the ministry is now actively engaging the private sector in developing the transportation system especially in operating bus services and building the interchanges, said the minister.

“So far the responses from the private sectors have been very encouraging, including those from overseas,” said YB Dato Hj Mustappa.

“This is a business opportunity for them to help spur economic growth in the country and many of them are already well-experienced in operating bus services,” added the minister.

The Brunei Times