PLUS+ Magazine invites World Heart Federation for charity run

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PLUS+ Magazine is keen to work with the World Heart Federation for its upcoming charity run in a bid to raise awareness about cardiac disease.

Louis Loo Kee Lee, who handles the magazine’s business development, said they are currently in talks with the international non-governmental organisation for the run, which is slated to take place in conjunction with World Heart Day and Plus+ Magazine’s second anniversary.

“We’re inviting World Heart Federation to come to Brunei for the event... Having them here would bring recognition to the country,” he said in a recent interview.

Through the collaboration, Plus+ Magazine and World Heart Federation aimed to increase awareness about heart disease and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Cardiac disease is the second leading cause of death in Brunei behind cancer, affecting an estimated 7,000 people.

“The reason why we think there is a need to create such awareness is because cardiac disease doesn’t show any symptoms until it’s too late,” said Lee.

Around 600 people have registered for the run including 20 overseas participants from countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. However, Plus+ Magazine planned to carry out mass marketing campaigns to attract up to 5,000 runners to join the event.

The magazine is also looking to move the date of the run from August 7 to September 18, closer to World Heart Day which is observed annually on September 28.

“It would give the public more time to register for the run... People want to be healthy nowadays and it’s because of the media portraying healthy bodies as attractive. They see the need for a healthy lifestyle,” explained Lee.

Although the run has yet to reach its target number of participants, he said they have received a positive response for sponsorship and support.

To date, Plus+ Magazine have signed up with more than 30 organisations including Royal Brunei Airlines as its official airline, The Rizqun International Hotel as its official hotel and Humanitarian Emergency Aid Response Team (HEART) as the beneficiary of the charity proceeds.

“We are also trying to get more partners. A lot of big companies coming in... I think people are now slowly becoming more health conscious,” said Lee.

The Brunei Times