UTB eyes Japan for research partnership

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UNIVERSITI Teknologi Brunei’s (UTB) vice chancellor said the varsity is interested in collaborating with Japan for research in areas such as oil and gas, green technology and water.

Professor Madya Dr Hjh Zohrah Hj Sulaiman told The Brunei Times that Japan has an excellent standing in education and innovation and has produced world-class universities, citing the University of Tokyo as an example.

“At present, it’s still exploratory. But where possible, we would like to match our research thrusts (oil and gas, green technology and water) to theirs. We hope to work on mutual areas of research interests, ultimately providing a platform for win-win situations in research output to both parties,” she said.

Professor Madya Dr Hjh Zohrah said energy generation using green technology is one area which UTB will be interested to collaborate in. This includes the development of alternative fuels and new means of generating energy and energy efficiency.

“This is an option which both parties can consider. It usually works with undergraduate rather than graduate programmes. UTB has experience in twinning programmes and is currently partnering with the University of New South Wales in Sydney on Petroleum and Chemical engineering programmes,” she said.

The university is also interested in sending third year students for their Experience Plus programme in Japan, she said.

Last year, UTB sent about 11 per cent of their undergraduate students overseas for internships and now wishes to include Japan as one of the students’ learning experience destinations.

Regarding how UTB can benefit from educational partnerships with Japan, the vice chancellor said it would give UTB a different perspective, especially on Japan’s culture of learning and working.

“Our education, including materials for teaching and learning, is always adopted from the West. Forming an educational partnership with Japan will provide an added value to our overall learning experience,” she said.

Professor Madya Dr Hjh Zohrah said educational partnerships will also strengthen bilateral ties as there is a continuous flow of communication between the two countries.

“This can be achieved through active Memorandums of Understanding between universities,” she said.

She also noted that recruitment of academics to UTB is open to everyone and Japanese academics are very much welcome to apply for any vacancies that UTB advertises.

The Brunei Times