‘Schools should spread awareness on renewables’

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SCHOOLS should take the lead in creating awareness on the advantages of renewable energy so young people can make informed choices on using renewable energy systems at home in the future.

Universiti Teknologi Brunei’s Assistant Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Dr Nawaf Hazim Saeid said schools can conduct experiments so students are more exposed and made aware of the available renewable energy systems out there.

“I think everyone should be aware of the advantages of renewable energy as being sustainable as it produces little or no pollutants and requires less maintenance than traditional power plants,” he said.

Professor Dr Nawaf Hazim said awareness on renewable energy systems can encourage the public to even use things like the roofs of their houses for the purpose of electricity generation.

Speaking on solar water heating systems, or ‘solar thermal’ systems, he said two forms of energy can be generated.

The first is where light is converted into energy obtained in the photovoltaic (PV) cells on the PV panels on rooftops.

The other is in the form of heat, which can be used for heating water.

“We need hot water for many purposes. So instead of taking raw water from the supply system and using gas or electricity to heat it, we can heat this water from the solar collector on rooftops. We can then also have a storage tank to keep this heated water,” he said.

Professor Dr Nawaf Hazim said in general, the school’s curriculum has included some basic fundamentals of the importance of renewable energy.

However, he felt it is important to incorporate renewable energy in subjects like Physics and Geography, with details such as the location, types and capacity of renewable energy potential in Brunei.

“One of the most important research clusters in UTB is energy and the environment. Our staff and students are engaged and active in developing systems and devices for utilisation of renewable energy.”

The Brunei Times