‘Restaurants, eateries should use standardised Malay’

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RESTAURANTS and eateries nationwide will be given a book called ‘Mari Makan’ by the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) to standardise the language used in their menus, according to DBP Acting Deputy Director Hjh Sariani Hj Ishak.

Speaking on the sidelines of yesterday’s launching ceremony for ‘Bulan Bahasa 2016’, Hjh Sariani said that aside from the five restaurants that received their mini ‘Let’s Eat’ books during the ceremony, DBP will also distribute the books throughout the year to other eating places in the sultanate.

“The book can be used for their reference and as a guideline in listing out or naming their menus with proper Malay language and terms,” said Hjh Sariani, adding that this will ensure a standardised use of Malay language in restaurant menus in the country.

She said the publication of the menu guidebook was prompted by inconsistencies found in spellings and terms used in the menus of most eateries in the sultanate.

“We conducted the study last year where we collected menus from restaurants in this country and found that many of the listed menus are inaccurate, they use the wrong spelling and sometimes the wrong combination of Malay and English language.

“From there, we made corrections to these menus and we listed them in the book.

“Hopefully, once the restaurants obtain the book, they will use the correct Malay language while simultaneously it can also educate them on the good and proper usage of the national language,” Hjh Sariani said, adding the book will be distributed to these eating premises free of charge.

The book contains over a hundred menus comprising various dishes of appetizers, side dishes and main courses for beef, chicken and seafood in the Malay language and also their translations in English.

Menus from different cuisines such as Oriental, Western and Indian meals are also included.

“In conjunction with this Bulan Bahasa, we also seek cooperation from other parties and agencies to glorify the use of proper Malay language in our nation and we also welcome those who need assistance in understanding the language or its usage to come to our bureau. We’ll be more than happy to assist,” said Hjh Sariani.

The Brunei Times