‘Practise healthy lifestyle during Raya’

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PEOPLE should maintain a healthy lifestyle during the coming Hari Raya celebrations to prevent risk of heart disease, a local consultant cardiologist said yesterday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ‘Hear a Beating Heart’ forum, Dr Sofian Dato Paduka Dr Hj Johar urged the public to continue exercising for at least 30 minutes daily and to only consume festive treats in moderation.

“One of the biggest things leading to increased risk of heart disease is because we lack exercise and our diet,” he said at the Royal Brunei Recreational Club.

Throughout the festive month following the end of Ramadhan, many Muslims in the sultanate host open houses for family and friends where the guests are typically served traditional cakes, food and drinks.

“The temptation when visiting open houses is to eat plenty. My advice is try to restrain yourself, be sensible and don’t make it too different from your normal diet,” said Dr Sofian.

He acknowledged that practising a healthy lifestyle can be challenging during the Hari Raya period, but he encouraged people to make an effort to eat a balanced diet whilst scheduling time for exercise between open houses.

Dr Sofian also suggested for hosts to provide healthy food and drinks for guests during open houses.

“If possible, have healthy options in order to give people a choice because not everybody wants to go to open houses and eat festive foods that are oily and buttery. Sometimes people may want to eat fruits and salads. They might be surprised by how popular it is.”

Dr Sofian also urged people not to smoke cigarettes as it is one of the biggest risk factors of cardiovascular disease, particularly among the youth.

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death behind cancer in Brunei, with an estimated 7,000 patients suffering from it.

The Brunei Times