MoH bans 5 cosmetic products

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THE Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday advised the public to stop using five cosmetic products, which were found adulterated with mercury, hydroquinone and tretinoin.

The MoH banned the products, which were discovered through post-marketing surveillance activities conducted by the Pharmacy Enforcement Section.

The products are Gt Bleaching cream anti-aging with anti-oxidant, Miracle White Brightening Cream with Vitamin B3 & Aloe Vera, Glow Glowing Beauty Skin-Treatment Toner Glowing Beauty, Clariderm Astringent No I-AHA + Licorice (for maintenance) and Clariderm Astringent No 2-AHA + Licorice (for normal to oily skin).

The MoH warned that the products, which were tested in the laboratory of the Drug Quality Control Section, Pharmacy Services of MoH, can cause adverse effects that are potentially hazardous to the people using them.

These products are not allowed to be imported and sold in the country, said the ministry.

The ministry said members of the public who have purchased or used the products are advised to stop using them immediately.

The public is also encouraged to consult a medical practitioner if they feel unwell or experience any undesirable reactions as a result of using the products.

The public is reminded that it is an offence under the Medicines Regulations, 2007 to import and market cosmetic products in the local market (including online retail such as through Facebook) without a Cosmetic Product Notification Acknowledgement Letter issued by the authority.

The penalty for contravening these regulations upon conviction is a fine not exceeding $5,000, imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or both.

The MoH urged the public to report to the Pharmacy Enforcement Section if any of these products are still found in the market.

For further information, the public can contact the Pharmacy Enforcement Section at 2393298 ext 208 or send an email to or by going directly to the 1st floor of the Pharmacy Services Building at Kg Madaras, Mukim Gadong A.

The Brunei Times