‘Know the signs of heart attacks’

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PATIENTS in Brunei sometimes delay seeking medical attention despite showing warning signs of a heart attack, claimed a local consultant cardiologist.

Dr Sofian Dato Paduka Dr Hj Johar yesterday urged individuals, particularly the elderly, to see a doctor immediately if they display symptoms of a possible cardiovascular disease such as chest discomfort or severe indigestion when exercising.

“We have people who come in occasionally quite late from a heart attack,” he said during the ‘Hear a Beating Heart’ forum at the Royal Brunei Recreational Club.

As heart attacks can be fatal or disabling, he stressed patients need to know the warning signs which include experiencing tightness usually in the centre of the chest and feeling breathless, sweaty or dizzy due to palpitations.

“Sometimes you can feel it at the top of the abdomen. That’s how people in Brunei have described it,” said Dr Sofian.

He explained it is also not uncommon for patients to feel pain in the shoulder or back, which can radiate to the chest, arm or jaw. While some heart attacks are sudden and intense, most heart attacks reportedly start slow with subtle discomfort.

Cardiovascular disease remains the second leading cause of deaths in the sultanate behind cancer, killing 227 people in 2014.

Organised by Plus+ Magazine, the forum yesterday aimed to raise awareness about cardiac disease. The event featured a cardiac specialist as well as two cardiac patients who shared their experience of the illness.

The Brunei Times