UTB studies use of waste wood to generate electricity

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UNIVERSITI Teknologi Brunei (UTB) is carrying out a study to investigate the potential of waste wood in generating electricity here.

The university’s Oil and Gas Research Thrust is collecting various types of waste wood, and are measuring the heating values, ash content and elemental composition of samples from active sawmills in Brunei.

UTB Assistant Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Nawaf Hazim Saeid told The Brunei Times that the research team has been collecting data from at least five sawmills in areas in Temburong and Belait over the past 18 months.

He said the Brunei Research Council is supporting the study.

The team is testing which is the most suitable type of waste wood that can be used effectively for power plants, while taking into account its environmental impact.

He added that apart from burning fossil fuel to generate steam in power plants, burning waste wood is another method to do so.

“Depending on the size of the power plant, I think using waste wood is a potential to be used in the hybrid system of the power plant here.

“To ensure a continuous supply of power, a hybrid system utilising biogas, biomass, waste wood or even burning oil can be used to generate steam for the power plant,” he added.

Professor Dr Nawaf Hazim expects the research project to be completed in a year.

Based on the data collected, the vice chancellor said a pilot plant utilising thermal energy from the waste wood will be proposed.

Recently, the assistant vice-chancellor said a research team from South Korea approched their team to collaborate in using timber waste and biomass for electrical power generation.

He said the research team is in talks with the government to invest and set up a power plant here using timber waste and biomass.

The Brunei Times