LTD probes illegal online taxi service

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THE Land Transport Department (LTD) is investigating a website offering illegal taxi services in Brunei.

LTD Director Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi told The Brunei Times that his department has strong reason to believe that the website, is offering such services in the country.

While Dr Hj Supry was not able to reveal the evidence they have gathered, he said that his department will be working closely with the Royal Brunei Police Force to investigate and track down the owners of the website.

Under Chapter 68 and Section 56 of the Road safety Act, illegal taxi operation is a crime that is penalised by a six month jail term and a fine of $10,000.

The website does not list itself as a taxi company, but offers private transfers and shared shuttle services to and fro locations in Brunei.

The website did not provide any specific contact details.

Those interested in its services must make reservations through the website.

They would then be given a voucher containing the contact details of the drivers assigned by the website.

Dr Hj Supry said that his department is currently taking a stern stance against illegal taxi operations and that they have submitted names to the police for further action on individuals who were found to be providing illegal transportation services even after being warned.

The director revealed that the department is monitoring a total of 261 illegal taxi drivers but 40 of them have been notified and given notices.

The Brunei Times