KOPRI committed to hiring Bruneians

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LOCAL cooperative Koperasi Rimbun Berhad (KOPRI) is adamant on continuing to support the country’s local development drive by expanding its Bruneian staff.

All of the cooperative’s 564 staff are Bruneians.

The cooperative’s core business is the provision of security services at private and commercial premises nationwide.

Among the security services that KOPRI provides are the stationing of security guards at housing estates, supermarkets, schools, shops, industrial sites and buildings. KOPRI also conducts crowd control and traffic at weddings, football matches, meetings and events.

KOPRI CEO Dato Paduka Seri Hj Abd Rahman Hj Awang Besar said in an interview yesterday that it is important for them to provide locals with employment.

“We are a cooperative. The leaders of this cooperative are retired civil servants, and instead of sitting at the table doing nothing, we formed this cooperative with the aim of providing employment to locals,” he said.

KOPRI’s vision is to give locals the opportunity to work and to hire as many locals as they can.

“We support the government’s call to support local employment, and we try to create as much of it as possible,” he said.

There are currently a few fresh graduates who are also employed by KOPRI.

“They may be waiting for other jobs, but since they came to us, we gave them the opportunity to work,” he said.

Dato Paduka Hj Abd Rahman said they proactively reach out to companies in promoting their security services so they can hire even more locals.

“We insist on our staff’s discipline and good performance. This will show our potential clients that we are really efficient, honest and trustworthy,” he said.

He said hiring even more local employees will depend on new contracts from both the public and private sector.

“If companies give us contracts or the government, we will be able to employ more locals. It all depends on the demand,” he said.

Dato Paduka Hj Abd Rahman said all employees need to go through a vigorous selection process where each applicant’s details are sent to the police to screen for criminal records.

“If they have a criminal record or are involved in drugs, we don’t hire them. All of our staff here have clean records,” he said.

He added that every six months, the cooperative will conduct a review where if anyone on duty has been charged or involved in a court case, they will be asked to leave.

Meanwhile, a ceremony was held at KOPRI’s headquarters yesterday where Dato Paduka Hj Abd Rahman handed out golden star awards to 80 security personnel.

The award signified the supervisors’ and security personnel’s excellent service based on their performance records throughout the year.

“Some of them have been serving the company for over 16 years. These staff have shown an excellent performance and we very much appreciate them. We hold these award ceremonies to appreciate our staff by promoting them and recognising them,” he said.

KOPRI also presented Hari Raya vouchers to its staff ahead of the festivities.

The Brunei Times