Brunei to see increased traffic ops

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THE Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL) of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) is intensifying its traffic operations across the country, with 20 more motorists fined for speeding on the Telisai-Lumut Highway yesterday.

The total number of speeding offenders on the highway since its opening on Tuesday now stands at 41 motorists, with the highest speed recorded being 150km/hour.

Acting Director of JSKLL Senior Superintendent Hj Mohd Hassan Pehin Penyurat Hj Ahmad said that there will be more operations carried out across the nation to ensure the safety of people on the road.

He was speaking during a press conference held at the RBPF headquarters yesterday.

The operations, he said, will start from the remaining days in Ramadhan to a few days into Syawal, in a bid to prevent unwanted incidents from happening during the Raya festivities.

“We will be carrying out regular patrols at specific areas, and we will also be switching on our beacon lights when on the road as a sign for people to know that the police is nearby,” he said, explaining that the operations are to remind people to be safe instead of punishing them.

“Looking at the current weather, we would also like to remind motorists to drive slowly, especially during the rain... switch on their lights whenever necessary and refrain from using mobile phones while driving,” he added.

He also reminded road users to be tolerant with each other when on the road, to plan their journey ahead and not to drive in fatigue or in a hurry.

“Lastly, in the spirit of Hari Raya festivities and joy, we should also not forget to look after our safety and prevent ourselves from being involved especially in traffic accidents,” said the JSKLL acting director.

JSKLL also handed donations to the families of three of its deceased former officers at its headquarters along Jln Gadong yesterday.

Acting Director of JSKLL Senior Superintendent Hj Mohd Hassan Pehin Penyurat Hj Ahmad presented the donations.

The event was preceded by the recital of the tahlil and arwah prayers and followed by a breaking of fast among JSKLL personnel and their families.

The Brunei Times