Coffee lovers urged to brush and protect their teeth

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COFFEE drinkers should brush their teeth at least twice a day to avoid discoloration and tooth decay, said an orthodontist at the Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC).

As the coffee trend in Brunei is becoming increasingly popular, dental expert Dr Balekudru Vishwanath said people should be mindful of their coffee intake, noting that drinking coffee regularly without maintaining their oral hygiene can cause harm to one’s teeth and gums.

In a recent interview with The Brunei Times, Vishwanath who is a braces specialist said coffee drinkers should take note as their morning routine of getting coffee might affect their dental health.

“Having poor oral hygiene can lead to many dental problems in the future and drinking coffee can cause discoloration to your teeth and yellowing stains if you neglect your teeth,” said the expert.

According to the orthodontist, JPMC receives at least 600 to 700 patients on a monthly basis for treatment, varying from different dental procedures such as teeth straightening to dental implants.

Vishwanath said coffee – just like carbonated drinks and tea – contains pigments that ‘yellows’ one’s teeth.

“This accumulates over time and causes stains to your teeth but there are ways to avoid this from occurring,” he said.

The orthodontist said coffee enthusiasts should brush their teeth soon after consuming coffee.

“I would advice coffee drinkers, especially those with braces on, to brush their teeth after about four to five minutes,” he said, adding that the longer you wait to brush your teeth after drinking coffee, the more likely your teeth will be stained.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said nearly 100 per cent of adults in the world have dental cavities, while severe periodontal (gum) disease – which may result in tooth loss – is found in 15 to 20 per cent of middle-aged adults.

The dental expert said people can still enjoy their coffee and maintain a healthy smile, provided they limit their coffee intake.

“To enjoy coffee and avoid oral damage, drink in moderation,” said the dentist, adding that people should not have more than two cups a day.

Vishwanath also recommended drinking coffee with a straw to protect and prevent the teeth from getting stained.

The Brunei Times