More than enough for needy families in Kg Pandan

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THE youths of Masjid Kg Pandan National Housing Scheme (RPN) managed to collect over 250 packets of rice, biscuits and cooking oil at the end of the collection period for their Berbagi Bahagia charity drive yesterday.

Ak Md Sallehuddin Pg Osman, a member of the mosque youth committee who is also in-charge of the charity drive said with such amount, the committee is able to give more than one packet of rice each for the selected underprivileged recipients they had identified in Belait.

He said that based on the list given by the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB), there are a total of 50 households for them to distribute the food items to, adding that there were another 11 more families they had discovered throughout the collection period.

“So based on the current number of the sets, each of the recipients may be able to get at least four of the food items,” he said.

“As of now, we have around 263 packets of rice, biscuits and cooking oil, so divided by the total number of 61 households, each of them may get around four packets – and at the moment, we have also managed to collect a total of 54 cartons of canned drinks,” he added.

The extra 11 families which were not on the list provided by MUIB, he said, may also be those who did not have the chance to register themselves to the council hence they are also included in the list for the food distribution under the mosque youth’s charity drive.

“These families also include those who are struggling to make a living – where some of them may have nobody to depend on anymore and some of them have difficulties to cover family expenses due to insufficient income,” he said.

“So that is why we are including them in the list, considering their situation – with the hope that the food items given by the public will help alleviate their burden especially towards Hari Raya,” he added.

Besides from the generosity of the public that they were able to collect more than expected, the mosque youth committee of Masjid RPN Kg Pandan also thanked the Imam of the mosque, Julazni Hj Zaini who has helped them carry out the project.

“We are also thankful that the mosque had helped us in providing space to store the food items here,” he said. “And if there are no obstacles, the food items will be distributed after the Friday prayers,” he added.

The Brunei Times